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Saturday, October 16

Jon Mueller + Olivia Block - Reader Preview

See what the Read had to say about saki's upcoming in-store!
"Milwaukee percussionist and composer JON MUELLER has come a long way since his days in Pele, and he's been on a roll for the past few years, creating distinctive experimental music that makes no concessions to his indie-rock past. For his latest salvo, The Whole(Type), he creates massive, dronelike sounds from multiple fast-moving parts. Whereas Mueller's landmark 2008 album Metals (Table of the Elements) was a percussion-only reimagining of heavy metal, the new release takes folk music as its point of departure—namely simple hammer-dulcimer patterns that open and close the recording and elsewhere create a kind of shimmering whirr among snare-drum rolls, high-speed tom patterns, and looped vocal chants. The four pieces drift slowly by incrementally varying one component or another and consistently cast a powerful spell. In support of the album Mueller has created an aesthetically similar but totally new work called "I Almost Expect to Be Remembered as a Chair," which uses snare, recorded gong, and voice; he reshapes it according to the physical properties of each venue. As a bonus track for The Whole, Chicago sound artist OLIVIA BLOCK has made a 31-minute remix by rearranging elements from the album (as well as her own piano playing) into something entirely new—it's not just looped bits of the original atop a beat, like most remixes, but an epic journey with a couple of huge ebbs and flows of its own. Though Block doesn't radically transform any individual sound, she handles them the way a composer works with instrumental voices. Rather than re-create that remix today, she'll present a piece using different recordings she's made of Mueller, which she says will be "staggered, or slightly altered in some way" and mixed with the manipulated output of a prepared Autoharp." —Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader
3716 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
3pm/Free/All Ages

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