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Thursday, October 28

Pixies give away downloads of Coachella 2004 concert

It's been six years since Pixies reunited, and since then they've played numerous shows on several tours - including one tour that consisted of playing "Dolittle" in its entirety. It seems as though people grew wary of their reunion sooner than expected, or maybe I'm wrong, cause I don't think they would do it as much if people didn't attend their shows.

Anywhoo.. remember when they first reunited back in 2004, and what a big deal that was? After a couple of small unannounced shows, Pixies played their first "big" comeback show at Coachella on May 1st, 2004. And I was there.

Now the band are giving away free downloads of the hour long, 20 song set on their website. I immediately downloaded it and re-hashed one my greatest concert experiences. I appreciate that the beginning warning from Frank Black "we heard it's getting awfully hot and squishy in the front... Stop the pushy pushing in the crowd so we won't have to stop the music." I remember that clearly. I sat in the middle of 50,000 people for a couple hours in the blistering desert heat, not having any water and getting clearly dehydrated, finding a half full bottle of water and dumping it on my head instead of drinking it.. being pushed so hard in the crowd that at one point my feet were off the ground... to miraculously finding my friends in the masses and collapsing on top of them... and while Pixies were playing, it was totally worth it.

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