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Monday, October 11

saki: The Newest Face of Marmalade

Perhaps you know, perhaps you do not know. Here is what should be known:

saki is starting something brand new and also new. It's so new that it isn't done. In fact, it may never be done; or to clarify, it may never be finished. That is, it is hoped that the end doesn't come, but that the beginning doesn't last forever, either. It wouldn't be wise to be starting something new over and over or for ever and ever. It wouldn't be smart to do that, is what I mean.
We are starting something new, is my point. It's starting soon with a certain event to be held the day before Halloween (as you know from my previous tellings), and will go onward and upward until time freezes; at which point it will do whatever timeless things do without time.

We are looking for artists and thinkers, then. We need some fellows who are ready to take a thing or two to the moon and maybe bring back some cheese.
If you are intrigued at all by these ramblings of a withered, shrunken man, please email tyler@ctdltd.com with a list of interests and skills. If you need more than that, I will be back from time to time, in various states of moodiness.

This is not a job, but it will be useful to you in some capacity, I'm sure.

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