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Tuesday, October 12

Spotlight on BDR Records

Now available at saki and CTD, Ltd: BDR Records from St. Louis. According to their website: "BDR Records is a record label formed by the head honchos of Bert Dax Cavalcade of Stars Records and Rerun Records . It's purpose is to document the St. Louis Punk, New Wave, Power Pop, Post Punk, etc bands from the 70's and 80's on vinyl and shiny compact discs." We think it's pretty rad. BDR has three releases so far

  • Raymilland - post-punk group from St. Louis formed in 1978. Influenced by the NY no-wave bands and experimental UK bands of the time, Raymilland played only eight shows during their original tenure. They were slotted to open for Joy Division in Chicago, which never happened as a result of the death of Ian Curtis. The group released a couple of singles, but no official full lengths
  • Welders - 7" The Welders formed in 1975 and dissolved in 1981 - St. Louis' first and only all female band during the punk era. Where many Rn'R females tout the bad girl persona, The Welders chose to embrace their good girl tendencies to create a near perfect blend of The Monkees, New York Dolls and Saturday morning cartoons. A recording 1979 for a planned vinyl EP never saw the light of day until now. Limited to 500 on red vinyl
  • Test Patterns - v/a CD: Reissue of the classic Test Patterns compilation, originally released by Jet Lag Magazine's John the Mailman in 1981. Featuring two songs each by seven indie bands from the St. Louis area: FELONS, MOPEDS, STRIKERS, SWIFT KICK, OOZKICKS, TRAINED ANIMAL and ZANTI MISFITS. The songs range from punk, to power pop to hard-edge new wave, even a nod to the 2 Tone revival of the day. Remastered from original tapes and comes with 12 page booklet featuring liner notes, band photos, vintage ads and original reproductions of the original LP insert

Find out more at: http://bdrrecords.blogspot.com/

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  1. The Welders 7" kills! I'm really looking forward to hear more from this label.


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