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Sunday, October 10

Stuff I Found Cleaning Out the Closet

In the pocket of my 25 year old trench coat:
1 napkin (unused)
1 pack of Tums (partially used. expired)
2 concert tickets ca. Nov. 1990

As one of my college professors said after we saw Ravi Shankar play a tremendous show, "I do not think that he quite transcended." Since I had been floating somewhere just under the rafters during the set, I laughed at this at the time. This DCD show was similar. Not quite transcendent, but close enough, especially considering the horror of the show five days later that we held in such anticipation. The sound at the Vic was great. The place sold out or nearly so. And since they rarely toured, especially in the US, the mood was expectant to say the least. Dead Can Dance did not disappoint. The expanded vistas offered by the material from The Serpent's Egg were fantastic and had Dervishes spinning in the aisles. Don't remember who I attended with, but it just might have been an early Julia date! Will have to ask tomorrow.

Went with my roommate John Dennett. This show was one of the worst shows I have ever seen. The sound at The Aragon, as always, was abominable. Because of the room acoustics, it simply cannot be good for amplified music. The band also chose this setting to have a complete meltdown, especially Perry, who whined something very close to, "You are watching a great band break apart before your very eyes." The show a year prior at The Riviera was one of the best of the year. I probably got in free. I still want my money back. What a rip.

Twenty years doesn't seem so long ago at all.

Go clean your closet.

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  1. I have blotted that Jane's show from my mind. I needed room in there to remember good shows.


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