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Wednesday, November 3

do you know how you can tell Americans are stupid..?

this is how...

2010 US election resultsDemocrat|Republican
US House184 seats
239 seats
US Senate51 seats*
46 seats
IL Governor(99% reporting)46% Quinn

46% Brady
IL US Senate(99% reporting)46% Giannoulias

48% Kirk

they have short-term memories, and every increasing right-wing viewpoints...be scared, be very scared...you're about 2 steps away from President Palin...this election was run on anti-gay, anti-abortion, pro-guns, anti-taxes tickets...and look what happened...thankfully the folks in Nevada seem to have seen through the bullshit or we would have been hosed...would have been 47 seats apiece and 3 independents, all of whom were Republicans kicked off the ticket by a Teabagger...
and if someone want to explain to me how people in Chicago can vote for Pat Quinn and Lisa Madigan (by a landslide, mind you) and not Giannoulias on the same piece of paper, I'd welcome the input, because as far as I can tell, people are just dumb and don't understand the political ramifications of their votes.
this is almost as disappointing as Tony Blair buddying up to George Jr...


  1. Just want to point out that there's a lot of anxiety in Illinois about our financial situation as a state, and Kirk painted Alexi as fiscally irresponsible.

    Look, you can blame voters for the results, but reality is that Democrats dropped the ball and they were reprimanded by the whole country. We didn't see meaningful solutions to economic troubles, there was more effort put into healthcare than job growth, and the entire party felt so entitled after the '06 election that they failed to enact any *seriously* liberal policies while in power.

    I agree with the Democrats on nearly ever social issues and on a lot of economic issues, but the truth of the matter is that they have sucked these last two years. They haven't banded together to make a better America; they sat around and bickered about the GOP for eighteen months. That isn't the way to get people excited about voting for you again.

  2. Agreed. The Republicans will do what they always do. You can't really be angry at them, because that's who they were. My irritation is reserved for the Democrats who blew the Kerry election, and now have, for all intents and purposes, blown the last two elections in a row by squandering their massive majority for the last two years.

  3. Based upon the last two years, there really was no compelling reason for an independent to vote Democratic this election. The alternative is not good either, but I think the lack of action was perceived as much worse than imperfect action. It certainly is by me. Sometimes votes are much larger NOs than they are YES.


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