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Sunday, December 5



  1. Now, you know that I hate the cubbies with a passion, but Santo should have been in the HOF. The writers, the veterans committee, and whoever else has denied Santo have proven their point that they were not going to select him to the Hall in his lifetime. They now need to put him in.

    I'm actually kind of sad for Santo...

  2. Paulie,
    What did the Cubs ever do to you? Did Don Kessinger steal your lollipop as a child or what?!?

  3. I was trying to make a respectful comment about the deceased.

    In 1984, when I was only 9 years old, and didn't know better, I was rooting for the cubbies in the playoffs, but as far back as I can remember (1983 maybe?), I argued with cubs fans about which was the better team. By 1989, I knew in my heart that my baseball allegiance could only truly lie with one team, and that team was the White Sox.

    The Sox have always been the ugly stepchild of Chicago's sports teams, and I think most Sox fans resent that, especially when the dismal cubbies are considered darlings, as in lovable losers. Being a White Sox fan is not favorably looked upon. I don't know why, but I have alwats felt like it is held against me.

    2003 was one of the worst summers of my life, and hearing the obnoxious comments from cubs fans only made it worse. I got the tattoo in 2004, as a direct reply to the guys I worked with at the time constantly reminding me, "they were only five outs away." In 2005 I was only too happy to turn the tables, and became the obnoxious, obsessed fan, but it partly contributed to losing the girl of my dreams. Taunting cubbie fans is no longer fun for me, unless I'm goaded into it.

    I was only trying to say in my first comment, that as a person, Santo deserved the honor of being included in the HOF in his lifetime. I never saw him play, but plenty of people who did think he should be in the Hall. It really does make me sad to think how much it would have meant to him.


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