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Sunday, December 19

saki Holiday Cookie Exchange!

I think this is the best idea we've ever had! This Tuesday, December 21st, saki will be hosting our first (hopefully, annual) saki Holiday Cookie Exchange. So, what does this mean for you, good people? It means that you should get dappered up in your finest festive vestments and come hang out at saki with cookies or booze in hand. We say cookies, but you can feel free to bring any type of snack or libation, as long as you're fully prepared to share it. Your treats can be homemade or store-bought, and your vestments can be classy or tacky, it's really all up to you and that's what makes it fun. We also ask everyone to bring something to decorate the store with. It can be tinsel, lights, fake snow, or your best impression of a 5-year-old's drawing of Santa Clause, again, totally up to you!

The exchange technically starts at 6:30 but we're open all day if you want to come in and do some last-minute Christmas shopping beforehand! We've got saki gift certificates for 10% off if that helps... see you there!

xoxo <3 saki

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