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Monday, January 10

Travel to Saturn

I love astronomy. I will do my best to post only the coolest of the cool stuff I run into. I think this counts.

In 2007, the leader of the Cassini imaging team, planetary scientist Carolyn Porco, gave this talk at TED highlighting images of the coolest planet, rings, Titan, and Enceladus.

Now, an admirable lunatic, obviously deeply moved by this presentation, has recreated this talk in stop action LEGO minifigs, including the faces of the audience! Uh, yeah.

Flying to Saturn: Carolyn Porco in LEGO from 20Tauri on Vimeo.

Planetary scientist Carolyn Porco - or rather, her Lego doppelgänger - takes you on a fascinating journey with Cassini-Huygens, a space mission investigating Saturn and its intriguing moons. This stop-motion animation is a recreation of Porco's real-life presentation from the 2007 TED conference. (Maia Weinstock, 2010)

No. I'm serious.

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