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Monday, February 7

Official Opening: Enter The Den of The Rocktopus

Opening Friday, February 11, 6-9pm
Hors d'oeuvres and beverages provided by saki.

Join us this Friday from 6-9pm for the official opening of "Enter The Den of The Rocktopus" Works of Matt Enloe @ saki! Matt will be joined by local purveyor's of hip-hop-minded funk, Roadside Poetics, acting as musical guest. They will perform at 8pm. Beverages & hors d'oeuvres, as always, will be provided by saki.

Matt Enloe employs mixed media to create pieces that would appropriately accent the walls of your favorite dive bar, but would be just as home adorning a woodsman's den. His work implores a satirical sense of humor that can be seen in his use of color, subject matter, and prerogative.

Artist's Statement:
If Rasputin and Foxy Brown had a child it would be the Rocktopus. The Rocktopus is everything your grandfathers fought and died for. The Rocktopus is pure aggression and whimsy, like if Rodney Dangerfield and Calamity Jane got it on and had an eight-limbed harbinger of doom and delight. The Rocktopus is the mascot for the new Renaissance Man. No longer shall the Rocktopus sit idly by. It is time for action and that’s what the Rocktopus is all about. Bred by The Good Doctor Enloe and raised on a combination of the Good Doctors sweat, blood and love of golden age comics, the Rocktopus has begun to climb its way out of the murky depths and into the hearts and minds of the youth and soon the world.

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