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Thursday, February 3

Snow parking in Chicago can suck it.

Only in Chicago, would folks adopt the "I touched it, therefore it's MINE" policy when it comes to parking in the snow. If Chicago were imagined as a little child in elementary school, Chicago would be the most spoiled and self-serving runt of the litter. Hmmmm....parking, super important. Shelter, food, clothing...c'mon let's get back to more important issues, like this plastic chair marking my parking spot. Thick. Thick with hubris. For what? For digging out a car. BTW, thanks to all of the assholes who shoveled their cars out...dumping the snow into the street. Classy. You make me proud not to be you, related to you, or know you. Cuz if I did, I'd want to kill you for being so unbareably selfish.

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