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Wednesday, February 23

Woven Bones: Sister Ray & CVP2

The best blog for droning ambiance and scuzzy guitar riffs is Raven Sings The Blues. To prove their worth, here's an instrumental cover of VU's "Sister Ray" by Woven Bones that RSTB just posted.

Speaking of Woven Bones, they were on the first Casual Victim Pile, which I highly recommend for all fans of young, unadulterated, garage and punk. OH, and speaking of Casual Victim Pile, there's a second edition of the comp. coming out soon!

You can hear all of CVP2 at bandcamp, and then you can pick it up at saki in the next few weeks!

So, that's four awesome things you now know if you didn't already: Raven Sings The Blues, Woven Bones, Casual Victim Pile, & CVP2! You learn four somethings new every day.

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