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Thursday, March 17

The Eternals "Approaching The Energy Field" / Pitchfork 7.6!!

South By Southwest, Schmouth by Schmouthwest. Pitchfork.com gauges the new Addenda Records release "Approaching The Energy Field" by Chicago's own, the Eternals at a 7.6!

Check it:
"Few current indie bands are paying tribute to Sun Ra or King Tubby, blending various strains of Afro-Caribbean rhythm culture & cutting the mix with rock's bite. Of course, the Eternals aren't some post-rock analog to the current wave of lo-fi 90s nostalgia. They come directly out the tradition, & over the course of 4 albums released in the last decade, they've kept its sytlistically promiscuous vibe alive. But in any era, even one crowded with likeminded bands, they would be unique."

OH! and....

"The Eternals may be out on their own in the once again guitar-centric world of indie rock circa 2011, but that just means we're doubly lucky they're still listening so widely, still pushing themselves to come up with such unexpected new hybrids."

That's right.

(the Eternals, deep in the basement)


  1. This record rips! Their best to date

  2. This record has blown my mind...maybe a couple of times already.


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