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Thursday, March 24

Lemme Askew....Ed Askew's "Imperfiction" = 7.4 on Pitcchfork

Well, folk me! Folk everybody, for that matter! Ed Askew's Imperfiction (Drag City) receives a 7.4 from the flippers at Pitchfork of the dot-com's. See what those humbuckers had to say ~


"Askew laid down Imperfiction on a two-track recorder armed with just a harpsichord, harmonica, a tiple - his favored instrument, a sort of short-necked 10-string acoustic guitar -- and his voice. The pairing of all that frail instrumental treble, Askew's prickly, just-behind-the-beat-singing, and his weirdly regal tumble-out melodies gives Imperfiction a richness that does well by it's underlying fragility."

"Ed Askew's 1968 debut, Ask the Unicorn, remains one of acid-folk's farthest-out relics, the product of a freshly blown mind working his way through big cosmic questions. 1970's Little Eyes cuts its planetary curiosity with more terrestrial concerns....Just what happened between Little Eyes and 1984's Imperfiction is a bit unclear, lots of wandering, some painting, and little in the way of music-making. Still, the gravity of those years echoes in Askew's throat as he sings his way through the brittle, haunted Imperfiction, the rare lost album that geniunely feels adrift."

(What can you do in a crazy world? Write a song, sing it well, la-la-la.)

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