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Monday, March 14

Shinji from Boredoms & DMBQ weigh in on the situation in Japan

(from the reputable dailyswarm.com) Shinji from Boredoms / DMBQ provides updates on the increasingly stressful situation in Japan here ~

Hi everyone,
Its Shinji from DMBQ/Boredoms here. I am writing to my friends who is
living in US and other countries.

As you know, Japan's most powerful earthquake since records began has
struck the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami. Fortunately
I am OK because I am living in Osaka, but now the damage situation is
gradually clarified.
So many our friends, friend's of friend, friend's family, musicians,
people who work in music venue, etc... a lot of people who we know
were struck. And communications are almost 100% down in northeast
japan still. Friends who were staying in northern Japan to have a
show etc,, can not come back to their home and now they are in the
refuge where the acquaintance doesn't exist.
Plus, Tokyo's electricity will be cut off gradually from tomorrow.
Even railway will be 50% running and now gasoline is almost empty in
Tokyo, means Tokyo's economy will be down. The food scarcity has
already started because the factory cannot operate.
Please help them. Volunteer's acceptance has not been begun yet. We
want to send relief and condolence donation directly to people and
north-east Japan's music scene in future. Please send donation or
organize benefits show in your town for them.
Please Cc-ing this email to your artist friends too.

Please send donations via paypal:

Shinji Masuko DMBQ/Boredoms

Everybody. C'mon. This ain't no NPR pledge-drive. It's a humanity pledge-drive. Act now. Act at all.

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