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Wednesday, March 2


Texas "stonegaze" trio True Widow are set to release their second album As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth on 3/29 via Kemado. I loved the group's debut from 2008, and based on the below clips and the track "Skull Eyes" - which premiered on Stereogum in January, this could easily become one of my favorites from 2011. Stereogum described them as "reminiscent of a heavier Low or a slightly speedier, Southern take on '90s NYC slowcore stalwarts Codeine" - what's not to love about that? A sound that embodies shoegaze/stoner/postrock/slowcore to become something heavy, dreamy, slow, melodic, druggy, gloomy, and catchy.. SO GOOD.

True Widow Album II Teaser from Justin Wilson on Vimeo.

True Widow Album II Trailer from Justin Wilson on Vimeo.

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