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Tuesday, April 26

Another Bill Callahan interview!

Sorry, I know we've been heavy on the Bill Callahan posts recently, but I'm still unpacking Apocalypse myself, and I don't think any other album of his has come with so much press. Also, it's just fun to read an interview with Bill Callahan. It's like someone is chasing him around with a page of questions and he's just running away from them, shouting "You can't catch me..." I love it!

In this one, he compares poet James Tate to Mitch Hedburg (WHAT!?), says the phrase, "Hug a thug" (AWESOME), contemplates remixing Marvin Gaye songs (I'd listen), and says that he doesn't have a TV, but he's catching up with Friday Night Lights online (THE BEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD).

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