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Thursday, May 19

It's official: Australians are COMPLETELY BORED.

Yep. It's true. Australians are bored. Bored to tears. Bored (literally) to death. Culled from newsertainment site CNN.com. So bored, in fact, that they've invented a new pasttime....called "planking". "Planking" takes it's name from how many players mimic a wooden board (yep, a BOARD) by lying rigid in a public space or an unusual spot, such as a washing machine (wtf???) a sign, or a railing. There's even a society of "plankers"!

End of the world, please come sooner than this Saturday. Please.


  1. one dude already died from planking. he was balancing himself on a balcony ledge... it's a dangerous sport.

  2. don't be knocking the planking! some of my best work yet has been achieved by prone stiffness... BTW Woolworths (yes, they're still going strong Down Under) just fired 8 people for "planking on the job"...I should be so lucky! You should see Extreme Ironing for a REAL sport.....


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