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Friday, May 27

A new fundraiser to help raise funds for Jason Noble's continued successful cancer treatment & rehab!

This is a limited edition collection of art prints made by our friends. It includes a new album of music by Jason featuring Christian Frederickson, Rachel Grimes, Kyle Crabtree, Edward Grimes and more.


From the website: "Artists include: Casey Burns, Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi, Mat Daly, Dan Grzeca, Aaron Horkey, Ron Jasin, Dan MacAdam, Dan McCarthy, Jeff Mueller, Jason Noble, Ryan Nole, Ryan Patterson, Jay Ryan, Kerri Sancomb, Diana Sudyka, Brady Vest, and Steve Walters. The bonus album artwork was created by Dave Cook.

This collection of 17 art-prints are interpretations of innumerable subjects inspired by Jason. The artists involved are all directly or in-directly related to him... be it through music, art, friendship, or mutual admiration.

Warm thanks to each of these contributing artists, their efforts are extraordinary, and worthy of your support."

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