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Monday, May 2

New Releases @ saki 5/3/2011

Chris Bathgate "Salt Year" CD
Crass "Christ: The Album" CD
Dave Depper "The Ram Project" LP/CD
Det Vackra Livet "S/T" CD
Exploding Flowers "S/T" LP
Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues" LP/CD
Steve Ignorant "The Rest Is Propaganda" (book from Crass member)
Incredible String Band "Wee Tam" & "Big Huge" (4 Men With Beards LP Re-issues)
James Pants "S/T" LP/CD
Mungolian Jetset "Moon Jocks & Prog Rocks" LP
No Means No "Old" LP
Skeletons "People" CD/CAS
Tartufi "Goodwill Of The Scars" LP

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