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Friday, May 6

The Sandwitches: Mrs. Jones' Cookies

I didn't know much about The Sandwitches when I first heard their new LP Mrs. Jones' Cookies. I assumed they were from the Northwest - they've got that whole cutesy, but still too cool for school thing down pat. Lo and behold, they're San Fransiscans, and they're comprised of former members of The Fresh & Onlys. None of this is shocking, but it is a pleasant surprise, and pleasant surprises are the friendly cousins of shock.

Mrs. Jones' Cookies is an off-kilter dose of Americana and back porch sing-along punk & soul that is just as easily grating as it is gratifying. I recommend you have a listen. If it doesn't grab you right away, have a few listens before you write it off. This is one of those oddly endearing records that rewards repeated listening. It also loves to cuddle.

You can grab some mp3s here or watch some videos here.

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