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Tuesday, May 3

Seen the Rings of Saturn Lately?

Members of The Chicago Astronomer will set up telescopes tomorrow, Wednesday April 3, at 8pm outside Adler Planetarium.

Chicago Astronomer sessions are ALWAYS FREE and FUN.

SATURN TAN by Sullij1, on Flickr

and a thin crescent Moon will be the highlights, but I am also looking forward to M44 The Beehive Cluster, just maybe an early view of The Great Nebula in Orion, and possibly even a late peak at M57 The Ring Nebula.

If in the area, stop by and say HI!....all are welcome. Bring snacks and loads of meter quarters!

Read more at the Chicago Astronomer forums.


  1. I will be there, and I suppose we can look at Saturn, but only because JUPITER won't be up yet. :P


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