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Thursday, June 9

An American Trilogy: Mickey Newbury Pitchfork Best New Reissue

Nashville and country music in general owe a huge debt to Mickey Newbury. Pitchfork.com understands this - and demonstrates the knowledge about Drag City's truly amazing 4xCD box set An American Trilogy by awarding it with and 8.6 review and their Best New Reissue tag. A few choice words ~

"...An American Trilogy reveals Newbury's complex approach to songwriting and album sequencing: Every word or line or stanza or song complements the others and shades their meanings, contributing crucially to the whole. On all of these albums, his songs shift and melt into other songs, creating thoughtful medleys and often devastating juxtapositions"

"These three LPs are all heady concept albums of a sort, sequenced to create and sustain a particular mood of grievous loss and precarious composure. Newbury conceived them specifically as a trilogy examining his own romantic past as well as the country's contentious history, and 40 years later, they sound just as imaginative, evocative, and emotional as ever."

And FEAR NOT(!) compact disc haters ~ you can bask in the glory of Mickey Newbury's America on LP as well. Sold individually, Drag City has also released these **absolute classics** on vinyl:

It's no Ludacris rapping at the Country Music Awards, that's for sure....and thankfully so!

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