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Sunday, June 12

Bill Fox is coming!

Perhaps this has happened before and I shouldn't be so excited, but I'm from the east coast, where shit like this just doesn't happen... BILL FOX, the elusive and enigmatic songwriter from Cleveland is coming to Chicago on July 2nd!

Bill was the frontman for a supposedly legendary Cleveland rock band in the mid-80's called The Mice. The few people who followed them or saw them play compare them to Guided By Voices or The Replacements in their prime, but their stuff is hard to track down so we'll take those random people's word for it. What can be proven is that Bill's solo records Shelter From The Smoke and Transit Byzantium are absolute gem's of the lo-fi singer/songwriter and jangle-pop varieties. This might sound hyperbolic, but if you're a fan of Bob Dylan, Big Star, The Mountain Goats or Guided By Voices, you'll dig Bill's solo stuff.

Come pick up Shelter From The Smoke if you don't already own it, and we'll see you at Uncommon Ground on July 2nd!


  1. There's a nice Mice compilation available at Scat Records:


  2. I, of course, will be out of town.


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