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Friday, June 17

Marissa Nadler "S/T" LP/CD receives Pitchfork 8.1!!

Let me take you back in time. I promise it won't hurt.

Several months ago, I arrived at work, and within the first few minutes of coffee-chugging and email checking, I received a phone call.
"Hello, this is Marissa Nadler. I'm looking for someone to carry my new record...."

As you probably can imagine, my thought was only "THEE Marissa Nadler?!?!". I'm not immune to such calls, but with only a few sips of coffee at that point, I was a tad, er, uh, surprised. Thankfully, (several sips of coffee later), Marissa and CTD had forged a relationship to carry her label, Box Of Cedar, and her new Kickstarter funded album. Now, Pitchfork.com (who have been no stranger to Marissa's new offering), have given her an 8.1. I love it when things work out **just so**.

Here's what they say ~

"Her looks at love have grown increasingly intricate, subtle and-- most importantly-- realistic since her 2004 debut. Her songs are now much too considered to be only elegiac, too complex to be simply sad. That idea translates musically as well."

"Once again... Nadler has maintained and etched out yet another album of cold, stony truths about the ways we love, or fail to."

"Nadler's songs are frank, careful examinations of all the ways a relationship can grow cold. Her music sounds as somber as ever here, and her distant air remains one of the most absolutely haunting things you're likely to find anywhere near indie rock."

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