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Monday, June 13

The Spend: Mild Peril LP

The Spend played at saki this past weekend with Shaina Hoffman & Heartichoke. Essentially a solo vehicle of Chicagoan, Matt Shaw, The Spend specializes in the kind of cathartic, spaced out folk songs that skew way more towards space than the earthy Americana that we usually call folk.

Think: Mark Kozelek, think it really, really hard, because The Spend's album Mild Peril certainly owes a huge debt to the Red House Painters/Sun Kil Moon progenitor. Rather than being derivative, The Spend creates it's own, ahem, space in the modern folk world. Just trust me, if you like Kozelek, you'll like The Spend.

You can also see (as pictured above) that no expense was spared in the packaging department. It comes in a silk-screened, die-cut jacket, and includes a CD copy in a smaller die-cut, hand-stamped jacket. Listen to the whole album here, and buy it here, or at the shop!

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