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Tuesday, June 21

Ty Segall "Goodbye Bread" gets 8.1 on Pitchfork

We here at Saki/CTD, Ltd. have been familiar with Ty Segall for a while now, from his albums & 7-inchers on Goner, Trouble In Mind and a host of others, to his new album on Drag City, "Goodbye Bread"....and wouldn'tcha know it, Pitchfork.com, just awarded an 8.1 to our boy, Ty.
Here's what the Fork has to say ~

"In Goodbye Bread, his first full-length for Drag City, Segall has embraced singer-songwriter craft wholeheartedly. While garage rock O.G.s like the Troggs and the Stooges continue to be an influence, Segall has turned in a relatively calm effort here, choosing to downshift into slower tempos and cleaner sounds, evoking instead the work of John Lennon, Neil Young, and Marc Bolan. Heavyweights. But what makes Goodbye Bread such a success is that we get an even keener sense of what a Ty Segall song sounds like and what that means."

"Goodbye Bread is filled with such rich, breathtaking moments, and Segall, who plays every instrument here, sounds as though he's savoring every part of process. On the slightly creepy 'You Make the Sun Fry', there's joy in how he rhymes 'love me still' with 'your Coupe De Ville.' Same goes for the way he locks together the chiming guitar licks that carry 'I Can't Feel It' home and the thundrous drum fills that punctuate 'My Head Explodes'. It sounds like he's having a blast, excited with every sound and riff he finds, even as he slows down to zoom in on the details."

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