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Tuesday, June 7

Yet another reason Buzz from the Melvins is a genius

A few notable quotes from Buzz Osborne, he, of one of the greatest bands in history (go ahead, argue this point, everyone has to be wrong sometime), THE MELVINS ~ courtesy of Impose magazine, via the dailyswarm.com, who are some good peoples.

"I hate the old and feeble anyway and I REALLY hate them on airplanes. I hate children anyway and I REALLY hate them on airplanes. I hate the handicapped. I hate the fact that they can get on the plane before me but I love that they have to get off last. Ha! I hate babies. I hate people who make babies. I hate airport mom. I hate airport dad. I hate public breast feeding. I hate baby food. I hate strollers. I hate kids running wild in airports. I hate kids on kid leashes. I hate airport crying. I hate the constant screaming. I hate that parents can't beat their heathen children to death if need be in airports."

Someone get this man on the presidential ballot for 2012. I **really** like his views. A LOT.

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