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Tuesday, July 5

4th of July + fireworks + Com Truise + Pitchfork 7.3 = Galactic Brain Melt

Ahh, fireworks…the sounds of explosions just before the dawn. Always nice. Know what else is always nice? As in "NIIIIICE"? Ghostly International's Com Truise is. Seth Haley (nea Com Truise) received a 7.3 for Galactic Melt 2xLP/CD on Pitchfork this very morning. Further KA-POW!s below:

"…with its staccato, bonus level synth stabs, keening psychedelia and 1980s-drenched drum sounds, Melt is still very identifiably Truise."

"He's something of a cottage industry, dispensing original tracks, remixes, podcasts, and accompanying boxfresh graphic designs to his blog readership and Twitter followers with impressive regularity. By capitalizing on the immediacy of the formats, he's also charting his own evolution in realtime. When he writes, 'I thought I'd switch it up a little' in reference to a remix he's just posted for Ana Lola Roman's Klutch, he's acknowledging that his listeners know what he means by 'it,' and how it's been switched; everything is laid out with a clear progression, one small evolution to the next."


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