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Friday, July 22

Meet The New Boss. Same as the Old Boss.

Dear Mayor Emmanuel,
Stop being such a fucking baby, and answer the question. You are not king-shit of fuck mountain.

Rahm, man that I voted for....when will you learn? Being Mayor isn't all fun, and I would've figured that having been in DC for a while, you have fielded difficult questions that were a tad uncomfortable. Why wouldn't you answer a simple question - if you're children go to public school. It's a legitimate question....especially given the fact that Chicago's education rate is so horrible. All he would've had to say is "No, my children, because I make enough money to do so, are sent to a private school." Sure, it's not the best answer and an admonition that he himself has no faith in the Chicago Public School System, but it's an honest answer a helluva lot better than getting up and leaving LIKE PARIS HILTON JUST DID WHEN ASKED IF HER 15 MINUTES WERE UP. Yeah, the privileged and the beautiful...they act the same. Like spoiled babies.

I wonder if, when asked "Do you live close to the Chicago River?" if he'll get up and leave that interview. I'd be irate, since my place has flooded due to the inability of Chicago to solve it's economic issues and fix the underground water-works/sewage system that they started on in the 90s, then abandoned for no good reason.

What a total FUCKER this guy is. Sure he as a temper. I bet it's placated by the swank job he just quit and the swank job he just took. Me? I've taken a pay cut, but I answer simple questions. Politicians....can't live with 'em, can't set them on fire. In public. While hanging them upside down by their toes. And beating them like a pinata.

Just curious, what happens when your wife asks a question you don't like? Do you leave her, too? Or do something even worse?

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