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Monday, July 11

Mid-Year Mantra, 2011

Here we are, just beyond mid-year, 2011, in this, what could be (for the 3rd time), our last year on Earth. To celebrate our impending doom (or simply, our miniscule & relatively unimportant role in the cycle of the universe), I've listed my favorite releases thus far in 2011. By no means is this a top ten. Just the cream thus far in 2011.

1. Bloodiest / Descent (Relapse)
2. Implodes / Black Earth (Kranky)
3. Milk Music / Beyond Living (self-released)
4. Shaved Women / EP (Rotted Tooth)
5. Dead Rider / The Raw Dents (Tizona)
6. Battles / Gloss Drop (Warp)
7. Double Negative / Daydreamnation (Sorry State)
8. TV Ghost / Mass Dream (In The Red)
9. My Disco / Little Joy (Temporary Residence)
10. Earth / Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I (Southern Lord)

Honorable mention to Skull Defekts / Peer Amid (Thrill Jockey), Birth / S/T (Dead Beat) and Low / C'mon (Sub Pop).

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