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Tuesday, July 19

New Releases @ saki 7/19/11!

Meredith Bragg - Nest CD
Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw - Night Gallery CD/LP
Jim O'Rourke & Christopher Heemann - Plastic Palace People Vol. 2 CD
Carol Kleyn - Love Has Made Me Stronger CD/LP
Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo & Lopatin - FRKWYS 07 CD/LP
Future Islands - Before The Bridge 7"
Alasdair Roberts - Dighty Burn 7"
Black Swans/Ed Askew 7"
Crisis of Conformity - Fist Fight 7"
Woods - Find Them Empty 7"
Wilco - I Might 7"
Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump LP reissue
Grandaddy - Sumday LP reissue
Grandaddy - Under The Western Freeway LP reissue
Factums - Gilding The Lilies LP
Serge Gainsbourg - Gainsbourg Percussions LP
Bobb Trimble - The Crippled Dog Band LP
Singer - Mindreading LP
Joanna Newsom - What We Have Known 12"
Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music LP reissue
Prurient - Bermuda Drain LP
Babe Rainbow - Endless Path LP
Pictureplane - Thee Physical CD/LP
Secret Museum of Mankind: Central Asia... 1925-48 LP
Sun Airway - Wild Palms 7"

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