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Thursday, July 7


Call your neighbors! Wake up your friends! FINALLY! Some good news in this, our Music Industry!
(Courtesy of the LA Times via theDaily Swarm, who appreciate good news just as much as the ludicrous news....as if all news isn't ludicrous in the first place...).

"Overall music sales -- encompassing albums, singles, music video and digital tracks -- are up 8.5% over last year at this time.

An irony, however, is that although album sales have been bolstered this year by sales of blockbusters from superstar artists such as Lady Gaga and Adele, the net gain is more due to strong response to sales of older albums -- those released 18 months ago or earlier.

Catalog album sales showed a 7% hike, which offset a 4% drop in sales of current albums. Album sales generate the biggest chunk of the record industry’s total revenue year in and year out. Among the 10 bestselling catalog albums were a smattering of fresher names, such as Adele and Miranda Lambert, but hits collections from Journey and Credence Clearwater Revival were also on the chart.

The digital domain continued making headway, with digital albums up 10% over the midyear point in 2010, and digital track sales increasing 11% so far this year.

Vinyl LPs also continue to show a strong resurgence, even though the total portion of music sales is small -- 1.9 million out of 221.5 million total albums sold to date this year -- but the percentage jumped 41% over 2010."

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