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Friday, July 1

Pish Posh #5 is July 23rd @ saki!

Here it comes, Pish Posh #5 at saki! It feels like it's been forever since we've seen our friends from Another New Calligraphy and we're so excited to have them back. Here's the details, via their website (because they write more gooder than us):

Adorn yourself in the finest of fineries: it's Pish Posh!! The theme of our little gala this time is "side projects." The lovely ladies of Coins will be keeping it real for the Sybris and Reds & Blue fans in attendance. Dheeru and Maria from ANC's very own A Light Sleeper will be looping and showtuning and being wonderful and lowercased, just as you knew they could. Katie Ziolkowski performs as Katie Ziolkowski when the other members of Katie Ziolkowski are away at camp, and Thomas Mundt is a side project of Charlton Heston's specter. There you have it, friends!

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