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Thursday, July 21

saki & Schubas/Lincoln Hall giveaway!

Schubas & Lincoln Hall have agreed to furnish us with guest list spots for most of their shows when you buy a performing bands album at saki!! That's nuts right?? It's true though... if you see that a band you like is playing at Schubas or Lincoln Hall in the coming weeks, just stop in to saki, pick up one of their albums and we'll get you on the guest list with a friend!

Unfortunately, these spots are limited and some restrictions apply. We can't give away tickets for sold out shows (duh), and reunion/anniversary shows and festival events are excluded from the deal. Please make sure you ask at the counter and give your name and contact info when you choose to participate.

Big thanks to Schubas/Lincoln Hall for being so generous with us and especially a big thanks to you all for shopping at saki!

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