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Friday, August 5

Bonnie "Prince" Billy defies God, Pitchfork responds with 7.0!

Is there a God? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell?
(Answer to the first two: no, and who cares, answer to the last one: yes, it's called Albany Park, in Chicago).

Bonnie "Prince" Billy said there's no God. Said it/thought it/lives it so loud n' proud, that he and Drag City released it on a 10", called There Is No God. Then Pitchfork.com (our holiest of holies), offered full validation by giving said 10" a 7.0 rating. Oddly enough, God himself didn't even receive a rating from Pitchfork.

In the name of our lord, they heralded thusly ~

"Of his recent offerings, "There Is No God" b/w "God Is Love", released as a benefit for two Gulf-oriented charities, Save Our Gulf and the Turtle Hospital, is most in line with what Oldham has done well in the past few years: Joyful, barefoot Americana at some unfixed intersection between folk and rock. It's an approach that Oldham has probably absorbed from country, a genre with enough clearly delineated rules that the fun part becomes how to bend or break them without becoming something unrecognizable: The innovation is in the craft, not the concept."

A-fuckin'-men to that!

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