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Friday, August 26

Carrot Top Records: Revisited Releases

During Coctails shows, audience members would get popcorn passed around in lil boxes (later, they cheaped out and used bags) with the band's cartoon self portrait--kinda like the cover of this box set! The Coctails had a certain knack for showcasing themselves as an experience that went along with their garage jazz music. Renowned for making an initial intruiting impression on Chicagoby decking out the highly regarded Wax Trax! Records bay window as a stage with 3 ft tall dolls of themselves (that mechanically waved at passers-by), the Coctails soon became staples at renowned Chicago rock club Lounge Ax.

The Popcorn Box is a kickass collection that includes tracks that were staples in their live
shows, as well as rarities that got minimally pressed, passed around, or were never released. The booklet inside includes great perspectives of the band, Coctails cartoons by Jas Dundore (aka Archer Prewitt), and images of their unique hand-designed merch and artwork. Includes an essay
by our own Patrick Monaghan, owner of Carrot Top Records (who also released the rest of The Coctails' catalog on CD) with another by Chicago Tribune rock critic Greg Kot that he wrote for Trouser Press in 2002, which is more or less accurate. Most tracks also have brief commentary from the band as well as detailed release and artwork information.

If you’re not familiar with The Coctails, get into it. This box set is a great way to experience not only their important and impressive music, but their personas, their kitsch, and what they meant to their listeners.

BUY it HERE! or pick it up at saki! 

The Coctails- Whoopsy Daisy by carrottoprecords

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