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Sunday, August 7

How to Get Rich (Not Quick) by Mark Cuban

In light of the recent economic turmoil, Mark Cuban recently relinked to a post he wrote back in 2008. Like or not his antics on the Dallas Mavericks sidelines, Mark is one of the wealthiest and sharpest guys on the planet, so I tend to pay attention when he offers free advice like this. Short of lighting cigars with $100 bills, who wouldn't want a little more cash? Here's what he has to say.

I have a whole lot more fun now. It doesn’t suck to be rich. 
The question everyone wants answered, is how to get there. There are ways to get there. But there is not a template that works every time for everyone. It works sometimes. Getting there requires being ready when opportunity presents itself.
Read the rest of what he has to say on his blog.

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