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Thursday, August 11

New From Sing Sing records

We just got in some fantastic new reissues from Sing Sing records. All available right now at saki.

The Leopards  - Kansas City Slickers (LP 1977)
*An LP of heavily Kinks-influenced rock and powerpop from this underground Kansas City combo. Self-released in 1977! Sophisticated musicianship with subtle nods to a variety of 60s artists, and obvious ones to the aforementioned rock gods.  

Brad Long - Love Me Again b/w Come To Me (7" 1977)
*DIY powerpop release from an Indiana music store owner. If only he knew 35 years later bands would be trying very, very hard to capture hazy, bedroom pop sound he seems to nail effortlessly!

The Onion Dolls - The Kids b/w Hot Love (7" 1979)
*The lone, snotty single from this Belgian punk band. Not to be confused with their The Kids (also a killer Belgian punk band).

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