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Wednesday, August 31

Out of the Carrot Top Records Deeps

Retsin- Cabin in the Woods

Bon Iver wasn’t the first artist to disappear into a remote cabin and come back with an album of haunting, delicate tunes. On aptly titled Cabin in the Woods (Carrot Top Records, 2001), Retsin-- Tara Jane O’Neil (Rodan) and Cynthia Nelson (Naysayer)-- don’t actually seem to re-emerge from their cabin at all. The surrounding bark and fires have seeped into their delicate tunes and won’t let them dissociate. Banjo and guitar have a steady presence throughout the album, while fiddle, accordion, flute, and toy piano trickle in and out through the tracks. Cabin in the Woods is refreshing--it doesn’t seem to wallow in self-pity but is able to capture an at-home, laid-back, intimate lifestyle in a slightly somber, deeply wooded, and uniquely disconnected atmosphere.

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Retsin- Sepia Shade by carrottoprecords
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