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Monday, August 8

saki After Hours with Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man

We just received this mysterious message from Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man. It appears as though they intend to hijack our store on the first friday of every month from now until... eternity? We just don't know. The details are fuzzy. We'll keep you up to date as we learn more. Here is what they sent us:

On the first Friday of every month, when the day is done and the store lights go out, saki will become the domain of the weirdos as Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man presents evenings of musical and conceptual exploration. From improvisational wanderings to clearly defined paths, one can expect to partake in a variety of musical journeys; designed to be enjoyed, not consumed. We aim to take the peddling out of performance and to highlight the diverse talents of musicians who are often confined to playing the same songs show after show. Each event will feature performances by Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man and their Guest of the Month, as well as interactive portions that blur the lines between artist and audience.

It appears there will be performances by BDTEM among others and the audience will be able to contribute... with guitar pedals. This looks like it will be truly unique people! Here's the specs:

Friday, September 2nd
Doors at 8 PM
*Bring a working guitar pedal and we'll give you a beer.

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