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Wednesday, August 31


Here at CTD, Cameron Stallone has been no stranger to us. What with his Sun Araw project, how could he be a stranger? His is th'stuff that keeps us coming back, day after day after day, relentless natural disaster after natural disaster after natural disaster.

Pitchfork knows whassup. They even wax poetic-ish about Sun Araw's new 2LP/CD Ancient Romans. Check out the big brain on Pitchfork ~

"Like a sleepless night in an intemperate climate, Sun Araw's undulating edgeless psychmares stick to your clothes and leave chemtrails in your periphery. Ancient Romans, SoCal seeker Cameron Stallones' latest LP under the Sun Araw name, is another fever dream of dub-mottled organ grind and guitar squiggle, at once elemental and futuristic."

"Though all of Stallones' music is built around improv, Romans feels a mite looser, more free-flowing than its predecessor, its individual movements less choreographed, its overall mood a bit more relaxed. Yet Stallones maintains his incredible compositional economy and precision; with all its moving parts, Ancient Romans can sound a bit haphazard at first, but each gurgle and whirr works in brilliant tandem, and one more element could tip any of its scales. Romans' sandstorm soundscapes and Afrobeat-indebted underwater funk are panoramic, deliriously detailed visions beamed in from some untapped back-of-the-mind vista."

"It's one of Stallones' finest moments to date, yet another reminder that there are few people making music either this all-encompassing or this enveloping."

To Umph or not to Umph! No questions asked!

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