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Friday, September 16

Dmitry Samarov: All Over Chicago

Dmitry Samarov (Chicago's favorite artist-cabbie-author-blogger) is all over the Chicago Reader these days. He's listed as their top literary-pick for the fall, plus they talk with him in the latest issue, just in time for the release of his new book Hack: Stories From a Chicago Cab.

There are two upcoming events celebrating its release!
October 1st: Samarov reads at Rainbo Club from 4-8pm!

In the recent Reader article, Samarov talks about the art he draws at concerts, "'When you're looking at something, it's changing all the time,' he says. 'I'm trying to incorporate some of that--an acknowledgement that you can't freeze moments.'" His work will be up at the one and only saki for the month of October with the themes Music & Baseball. Please come see it, and especially try to make it out for the October 7th opening
It will be great for many reasons that I will now list. The art we'll be displaying is different from what is usually displayed...as the opening suggests, it is focused on music and baseball-- radical! Samarov will be doing a reading from his new book Hack: Stories From a Chicago Cab, and there will be signed copies for sale at the opening! Also, we're kinda into music over here at saki, so we lined up a pretty kickass musical guest, Chris Brokaw from Codeine & Pullman! We're so excited to have a coupla heroes of ours in the store and to celebrate their work. Please join us! Beverages and hors d'oeuvres provided for you by saki!! 

To sum things up: Samarov's art, book reading, signed books, Chris Brokaw, lovely people, food, free event. If you missed the other two links to the facebook event, here it is again...RSVP if you're so inclined!

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