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Friday, September 2

Epitonic saki Sessions in September!

September is shaping up to be a freaking great month around here! We're kicking off the month tonight with saki After Hours w/ Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man & Bigcolour. Tomorrow we've got Lakesigns & Roo Gatsby (former The Names That Spell), but here's the best part: We've got both Melissa Nadler and Telekinesis coming through to play Epitonic saki Sessions while they're in town! That's right, indie-blog darling Melissa Nadler is going to play for us at 4pm on Thursday, September 15th and Telekinesis (who are among Merge's stable of amazing new releases) are playing on Saturday, September 10th @ 5pm!

We've had less in-stores than usual recently, but I think we're making up for it here with nothing short of awesome acts playing saki in September! And stay tuned, we've got some more in the works that should be confirmed very soon! Check the blog/fbook/tweets/mailing list for more info.

Also, happy Labor Day, Amurrrica!

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