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Monday, September 12

Girls Rock! + saki 4ever

Did you ever know any women in bands when you were a kid? Or teachers, adults, or mentors that said to put aside that classical violin for a day and pick up an electric one (and stop playing mozart for a sec while you're at it)? Or women that told you that the things you think are valid and important, and to be confident and kickass? If so, I bet that's a reason you're so awesome now. If not, that's what Girls Rock! Chicago aims to do for girls ages 8-16. 

We're super excited to announce what looks to be a wonderful partnership with one of my personal favorite non-profits, Girls Rock! Chicago. For those unfamiliar, Girls Rock! is a week-long camp held twice during the summer where girls ages 8-16 choose an instrument (guitar, bass, drums, singing, keyboard or, as of last summer, DJ!), form a band, and spend a week jumping between instrument lessons, band coaching, and songwriting. The women teaching them are counselors from all walks of kickassery around Chicago who show them a different kind of confidence, self-expression, and emphasis on music and other people, which is tragically not often showcased in role models for girls. These girls form legit bands within a week and perform a song of theirs at a showcase (two showcases were held this year for over 700 people at the Bottom Lounge). SO, with that information, there's a couple of things to keep in mind. 

1) Girls Rock! has been extremely popular around town and there's not always room for all the girls who want to rock. Let's give everyone around Chicago a chance to be part of the scene, hey?

2) Girls Rock! definitely needs some pals to help the girls stay supported and interested in music throughout the school year when camp's not in session.

We're excited to announce a collaboration between saki and Girls Rock! that will more or less include some combination of DJ workshop, zine making, film screening, women in rock info session, dance parties, and jam sessions throughout at least the months of October, November, December, and January. We'll be announcing them monthly, so please come out and support Girls Rock! and participate in some fun thangs!

The first event will be a FREE FILM SCREENING and PJ party of the Girls Rock! documentary about a girls rock camp in Portland and will be held Friday, October 21st. Previously screened at the Music Box Theatre, the director is allowing us to show it to whoever is interested for free at saki! If you're a Girls Rock grad or volunteer, interested in the program for you or your daughter, or just want to see girls rocking out, you're invited... kids encouraged! Kids-BYOPillow! Non-Kids, BYOB! See how girls develop and change in a week when they're given the resources and community to speak and scream and be heard.

Get comfy, eat some popcorn, and have a dance party to the beats and jams of two of Girls Rock!'s fresh new summer DJs. It's gettin chilly, come cozy up y'all. 

Check out the trailer: 


  1. Got girl, pillow and pjs - what time?

  2. Doors @ 7:30, film at 8!! here's more info!

    see you friday!


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