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Thursday, September 22

Let the Samarov media blitz begin!

Our friend Whet Moser (@whet) just posted a great Chicago Magazine blog piece on Dmitry Samarov (@samarov), his art, and his new U Chicago Press book, Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab. Saying that Dmitry is the best cabbie artist, or cabbie author, or author artist, is like saying Tara Key is the best female guitar player. It diminishes both sides of the equation. Dmitry is an excellent writer, artist, and cab driver.

Dig it:

September 24th: Rainbo Club "Pictures of Books" show opens. Reception 4-8pm
October 1st: Rainbo Club Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab book release & reading. 4-8pm
October 1st: saki "Music and Baseball" art show opens.
October 4th: Myopic Books Samarov reads from "Hack." 8pm
October 7th: saki event "Music & Baseball" Opening reception. Music by Chris Brokaw. 6-9pm
October 14th: Lloyd Dobler Gallery "Hack" Opening reception 6-10pm.
October 17th: Chicago Public Library Mayfair Branch "A Fare to Remember" discussion with fellow author and Chicago cabbie Jack Clark. 6:30pm
October 26th: The Whistler "Hack" reading w/music by Darts & Arrows 9pm

Prepare to be Samaroved and prepare to like it.

(No word on whether you can get a lift from him to or from any of these events.)

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