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Tuesday, September 6

New Releases @ saki 9/6/2011

Tindersticks - S/T (I) LP re-issue
Animal Collective "Danse Manatee" LP re-issue
Brotzmann/Vandermark/Gustafsson "Only The Devil Has No Dreams" CD
Clams Casino "Instrumentals" LP
HTRK "Work (Work, Work)" LP/CD
Jurgen Muller "Science Of The Sea" LP
Last Exit "Low Life" CD
Nucular Aminals "Nobody's Man" 7''
Peter Wolf Crier "Garden Of Arms" LP/CD
Rocky Votolato / Matt Pond PA "Split" 7''
Luke Temple "Don't Act Like You Don't Care" LP/CD
White Wishes "Come & Say Hello" 7''
Wu Lyf "Go Tell Fire To The Mountain" LP/CD
Xiu Xiu "Daphny" 7''

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