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Friday, September 9

Ram Hoss- PrixQuills (Azeda Booth)

Well, quick gush about Azeda Booth since they're giving away some new tunes for free. If you don't want to read about my intense affection for them, then skip the rest and just download it here. i won't be offended.

(Ram Hoss- PrixQuills is the new stuff, Tubtrek EP free download further down on the link page is the best thing to come out in 2010, and all the other stuff on page is 1/2 of Azeda Booth Jordon Hossack's project Free Nude Celebs. It's all free. You can't pay them for it. I tried. They won't take my money.)

Ran into this band Azeda Booth on a whim while visiting Calgary over a year ago now. Since then, whether i don't know what to listen to, am feeling perky about things in life, or am bummed or nostalgic about sumpn or other, their music fits, is perfect, and becomes significant. If you hear their only full-length album In Flesh Tones (Absolutely Kosher) or their free EP Tubtrek (Absolutely Kosher), the most accessible comparison is some sort of Baths-Sigur Ros-Animal Collective lewd & crude combo package. It's a duo, Jordon Hossack (vocals) and Morgan Greenwood (beats) and they are an untouchable pair.

Baths (Will Wiesenfeld) has an almost parallel enthusiasm for them as i do it seems, based on his facebook statuses:
Fyi. Azeda Booth has become on of the most important bands in my life. I just can't stop gushing about them. I've heard all these songs HUNDREDS of times, and I still get emotional.

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Well, last week Jordon and Morgan graced us with some fresh new music, a short album called PrixQuills recorded under the name Ram Hoss. It happened just as it did the first few times 'round with In Flesh Tones and Tubtrek, you listen through it, and then again to get a lil more familiar so you can start forming opinions on what you like about it, why it's not as good the other stuff, what it's missing, what you've never heard before. And then suddenly these songs are somehow really important to you.
Well, that's how it works for me. Do a lil experiment and try it yourself!

Once again, download the new stuff and old EP Tubtrek (and don't miss the free download of In Red off In Flesh Tones...have it and hold it and hear it it's perfect) HERE

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