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Thursday, September 22

saki After Hours: Predictive Gaming for Substandard Films

On Friday September 30th, get ready to play the game that everyone is talking about (everyone we know, at least).

The next installment of saki After Hours is a special one. We are skipping the music this time (as we are preparing for a most glorious Halloween installment) and going with a movie. But, if we've learned anything from the Concatenating Pedals show, we'll know that Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man isn't going to just let a movie play without causing problems.

Which brings me to explain the rules of what we are calling Predictive Gaming for Substandard Films

Participants will be shown a terrible and mostly unknown film for which they will be asked, at predetermined key points, to wager upon the likelihood of an upcoming event. Participants will wager upon various unknowns such as: Who is going to die first? Where will the next scene take place? What will be the outcome of a particular story arc? Etc. They will be given a set of four potential outcomes from which to choose.

At the beginning of the game, a synopsis of the movie will be read, and participants will be provided with specialized poker chips for use in the wagering (bets will be place on a roulette style table). At the end of the game, the chips will be returned in exchange for stamps on a stamp card. Get enough stamps and you get free things!

Come one, come all! This is a special event because it is the test run of an event that will end up being held monthly at Schubas. For participting in this test (and helping us work out the kinks) each participant will receive three bonus stamps on their card. (Very nice!)

Friday, September 30th, 8 PM, Free, BYOB, We've got the popcorn. RSVP on facebook if you desire!

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