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Thursday, October 13

Into the Carrot Top Records Deeps: Antietam- Opus Mixtum

Tara Key is a major player in the guitar world, and has been paving ways in the music scene for decades. In 1980, the Village Voice called her "The best female guitarist this side of the Atlantic." In 2005, the Voice still retained their passion for Key, but left out the gender assumptions by writing, "...did I mention Tara Key is the best guitarist in the world?" Antietam was a NYC first-wave indie band, putting out their first two albums on Homestead Records alongside Homestead heyday groups like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. 

Opus Mixtum, a double CD and triple LP, was released in 2008 on Carrot Top Records. Opus Mixtum was supposed to be two separate, distinct releases: one a powerful rock record tracked on two-inch tape; the other, a sprawling, loopy and diverse instrumental album constructed piece by piece. Together, they weave an extraordinary album that, while initially daunting to delve into, is altogether complete. I recommend the beautiful 3LP edition, it splits up the album at just the right times and makes it a more interactive and conscious experience.It's fuckin awesome rock n roll! 

Listen Below, & buy it HERE
Tara's also got a great new photo blog AntietamDailyEye

Antietam- Numbered Days by carrottoprecords

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